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This morning I read a short poem called Manger Scene, written by an acquaintance on Twitter. You can click on the link to read it, should you wish to do so – and I do recommend it.

The poem contained this line – “to see what cannot be hidden”. This struck me quite forcibly and I thought it captured something very profound and quite beautiful, something we might find ourselves overlooking unless we stop for a moment to consider the meaning it represented.

And that is the whole point – the meaning. In 17 lines of text, this lovely poem brought to the fore the entire meaning of what we are about to celebrate tomorrow with the arrival of Christmas Day.

In our hurriedness, it is all too easy to neglect what some used to refer to as ‘the reason for the season’. Of course, the clue to that reason is found in the name – Christmas. The Mass of Christ. Christ, born of a Virgin as a human being, God become man.

This reality is indeed “what cannot be hidden”, as the lines of poem observe.

But we need to see”. And to see, we first need to look. This is an act of the will – it a deliberate action, one which we must choose to do. But if we choose to do so, then we will most certainly see what cannot be hidden”.

That first Christmas night, the Shepherds looked and they saw – they saw the star, the sign given to lead them; they chose to follow it and they found¬†“what cannot be hidden” – the Christ Child. That first Christmas night, everything changed – for those Shepherds, for us, for all of humanity in every age. Like those Shepherds, may we, too, find this same Christ Child and welcome Him into the manger of our hearts.

This Christmas, may that same Christ Child grant us the grace “to see what cannot be hidden”.

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