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Life is truly a constant spiritual battle against our three prevailing enemies – the self, the devil and the world. Thankfully, Christ the Lord has already won the war, even if we still must fight patiently our own battles until the end of our days. In His great generosity and compassion, the Lord sends us His own Mother to stand along with us in every moment of this spiritual warfare, to be a Mother to us in the order of grace, as She is to Him in the order of nature. This is Her duty, given Her at the foot of the Cross, and She fulfils it perfectly even now, in Heaven.

Ever faithful to Her task, the Blessed Virgin offers us numerous ways of vanquishing these three great enemies which pursue us during life, so that we may remain faithful to Her Son and be with Him in eternity. Examples of this are Her many approved appearances at various points in human history, and also the great Sacramentals which She gives us, and which are approved and encouraged by the Church, such as the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel and the Miraculous Medal.

But greatest amongst all the Marian Sacramentals is the holy Rosary. It has constantly received great approbation from the Church and has the fullest recommendation from the Saints, who have always found it to be a marvellous vessel of grace in attaining true sanctity of life and holiness in death.

The beauty of the Rosary is it’s simplicity – anyone can pray the Rosary, comprised as it is of the three great prayers of our Faith; the prayer of the Lord Himself in the ‘Our Father’; the Angelic salutation and lovesong of God for the Blessed Virgin, in the ‘Hail Mary’; and the praise of the Triune God in the ‘Glory Be’.

These three prayers, of course, are the ‘body’ of the Rosary – to truly bring it to life and enjoy it’s power, it requires a ‘soul’; this soul is the meditation which accompanies the vocal prayers. In this meditation, our hearts, minds, senses, will and soul are lifted up to God.

There are many ways of meditating upon the Mysteries of the Rosary, such as the Scriptural Rosary given here previously. There are also a great many books and pamphlets available to buy and online, many of which are very salutary, often offering slightly different methods. Many of the Saints espoused a particular form of meditation for praying the Rosary, so there are plenty to choose from.

Ultimately, what really matters is simply to take up the beads and to actually pray the Rosary, engaging your entire person in this prayer which is so incredibly powerful, meditating as fully as you can on it’s Mysteries and the divine treasures contained within them.

Prayer, as they say, brings it’s own rewards – and it is in persevering in the praying of the Rosary that we will, over time, come to know it’s true power and what God achieves through it’s recitation.

Today, then, why not look out that Rosary that may be in a drawer or purse or pocket, and go somewhere quiet and use those beads for the purpose for which they are intended – that is, to become a spiritual ladder that will lift your soul up to the Lord, with His own Mother at your side.

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, teach us to pray.

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