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Saint Faustina was well known for her immense love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament; indeed her name in religous life was ‘Sister Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament’, indicating clearly where her love lay. She loved nothing more than to pray before the Blessed Sacrament  in the Chapel of her convent.

Now you might think this is an easy thing for a nun to do – after all, what do they actually do all day other than pray? The reality, of course, is that religious life is very full and busy, and also quite difficult. And yet despite this, she – and a great many other Saints, our brothers and sisters in the Faith – managed precisely this; spending time with the Lord. Now, if a young religious with all the duties of her state of life can manage to spend time with the Lord, can we manage the same?

There may be four reasons why we do not visit Him as much as we might –

The first possibility is that our local Church is locked except during religious services. If this is the case, find one which is open – and there are many of them, we simply need to look and to ask. But be sure of one thing – where the Lord is exposed upon the Altar, the people will come to Him.

The second possibility is that we are too busy, too caught up in the frenzy of life. And yet, if the words of St Faustina on this page are true – that the Blessed Sacrament is truly the Lord Jesus, present before us, the testament of His love and mercy, and our solitary hope for all the travails of life – then perhaps we need to think carefully about our priorities in life and adjust them accordingly.

The third possibility is that we might not really believe these words to be true. No matter what the Church tells us, despite the tenets of our Faith, and regardless of the example of our parents and families, we do not believe this is truly the Lord. Perhaps, if this is so, we need to pray and ask Him for the gift of deep Faith – a gift He loves to give us, if we will only ask with trust.

The fourth possibility is that we may well believe to one degree or another, but ultimately, we simply do not care enough – in other words, we are lukewarm. Our hearts have grown cold. In this case, ask the Lord to set our hearts ablaze with His own love, to enkindle them from being dull burned out embers, to being bright and alive, sparkling in the darkness.

If St Faustina is correct in the praises she sings in honour of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, then this little Host contains absolutely everything we could ever need in this life – and if that is so, one day we will give thanks for the moments we are able to spend with Him.

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