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“The Mother of Jesus said to Him – ‘They have no wine’.”
John 2:7


Four words. Four single, short words. And in them, the Mother of Jesus makes clear to Her Son that She is concerned for the bride and groom whose wedding they are attending at Cana in Galilee.

Jesus initially seems to almost rebuke His Mother, asking what concern it is of His, as His time has not yet come. But this Lady is both gentle and tenacious – She knows that Her Son will do as She requests and so, instead of answering His (rhetorical) question, She gives a command to the servants. It is the same command She gives to every single one of us, too – “Do whatever He tells you”. And in doing as they are commanded, the servants are witness to the first public miracle of the Lord. All of this, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

Much the same scenario is repeated every single time we ask the help and intercession of the Mother of God – She presents our needs to Her Son and He, in turn, answers Her prayer as and when He deems fit.

At first glance, the story may seem simple and straight-forward. But there is something deeper going on here.

This request made by the Mother and answered by the Son cost that Mother dearly.

Until that point, the Holy Family had lived a quiet and private life, hidden away from public gaze and probably known to very few people – but now, in performing this miracle at the request of His Mother, the Lord moved from the private to the very public; a new phase of His life had just begun, the public ministry which would ultimately result in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Through Her intimacy with God and with the Scriptures, and knowing full well that the Messiah would eventually suffer and die, the Blessed Virgin surely knew the cost of what She was asking – for Her personally, this quiet and hidden life in Nazareth would now draw to it’s conclusion and the Lord would go out to the world, calling His Apostles so that His true mission might begin. Like any mother whose child is moving into the world, this is a painful moment; how much more so for this particular Mother. Although She would remain very close to Him throughout this new phase, even to standing beneath His Cross on Golgotha, life would never be the same again.

Yes indeed, this simple request of the Mother to Her Son, cost Her dearly.

In our prayers today, let us thank the Blessed Virgin, whose soul magnifies the Lord and who constantly pleads for us before Her Son.

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