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‘This is the symbol of the graces which will be poured out upon the persons who ask them of Me.. Have a Medal struck on this model; the persons who wear it will receive great graces; graces will be in abundance for those who have confidence.’

– Our Lady to Saint Catherine Labouré

I have worn a Miraculous Medal for as long as I can remember. Her image is always there around my neck – and on those very rare occasions when it is not there, I am acutely aware of it’s absence. It is my ‘Shield of Mary’ – a sign of Her presence, Her protection and Her motherly intercession.

Giving the Medal to Saint Catherine Labouré in Paris in 1830, the Blessed Virgin asked that we wear it, promising graces to those who would do so with confidence in Her.

It recieved the name ‘Miraculous’ because of the wonders which occurred within a few short years, because of which millions of Medals were being worn by the faithful – and by those of no faith.

The little Chapel in the convent in Paris where Saint Catherine saw the Mother of God is still there and it is constantly filled with people from all over the world, giving thanks to the Blessed Virgin for so many kindnesses and favours, wrought through the devout use of Her Medal. I have been to that Chapel many times and I can attest that it is a truly holy place.

Each morning, I kiss the Medal and ask the prayers of the Mother of God, Mary Immaculate. She is the Mediatrix of All Grace, the channel through which God chooses to dispense graces to souls, for She is the Mother of Divine Grace. The Lord entrusts grace to Her, to dispense as She pleases.

So many of the Saints have promulgated this Medal – notably, Saint Maximillian Kolbe. Saint Bernadette Soubirous was wearing a Miraculous Medal during the appearances of the Blessed Virgin at Lourdes – indeed, she commented that when the Lady finally gave Her name, Her pose resembled that depicted on the Miraculous Medal.

My personal experience is that the Mother of God does what She promises to do – She obtains and dispenses great graces through the holy use of this little Medal which honours Her Immaculate Conception.

I can only suggest that if you do not presently wear a Miraculous Medal, you might consider doing so, and see for yourself.



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