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None of us goes through life feeling that everything is wondeful, that we are entirely care-free, or with uninhibited joy which makes us feel like balloons rising into a beautiful cerulean sky without clouds.

On the contrary, for most of us, we carry various worries and woes, problems, insecurities and fears.

And these tend to feel like heavy padlocks which are locked up inside us and which weigh us down – often quite considerably. We might not always be aware of their presence – but when life seems hard, we are generally reminded of their presence. And we have no way to unlock those padlocks nor to cast them off.

In moments such as these, it is always good to turn confidently to the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She understands our fears, calms our anxieties and obtains for us every grace we need to bear our trials well, for those occasions when it is not the will of the Lord to remove them from us; He has His own plans for us and may well intend that such trials obtain for us a greater good, one we are not aware of.

The Blessed Virgin is delighted when we come before Her, like the little children we are, seeking the consolations of this most beautiful Mother. Even if we are very sinful and far from Her Son, still She welcomes us; in fact if anything, She is more delighted for such a soul to turn to Her and to seek Her intercession.

When life seems hard, when going on seems almost impossible – turn to the Mother of God.

Ask Her help. And if you cannot even pray – just be close to Her, and know that She is very close to You.

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