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A few weeks ago, whilst out and about, I happened to pass by a small Catholic Church not too far from here and I noticed with some interest that the front door was open. I didn’t know if it was open because someone was in there on business, or if it was a sign that the Church was normally opened during the day – but I was very keen to find out. That day, I wasn’t able to stop and and get an answer to my question.

But today, I was in the area again and on passing the little Church, the door was opened once more. My heart leapt. It surely had to be a sign of welcome, indicating that the Church is open during the day. As it was lunchtime, I had the chance to visit and find out.

It’s a small parish Church, certainly – but I was surprised at how many pews there were. And I was keenly aware that this is a Church that is loved; it had a lovely welcoming feel which was almost tangible.

After taking a few moments to look at the collection of small (and not so small) Icons at the back of the Church, it was time to talk with the Lord of the House, waiting silently in the Tabernacle. Kneeling there and praying the Chaplet, I noticed the Divine Mercy Image, hanging on the left side of the Church. I also noticed the beautiful little Altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, over on the right of the Church.

Apart from the Lord, I was the only one there in that little Church at that particular moment. Although in one sense this was sad, I was mindful that it was the middle of the day and that most people would have been at work or going about their daily business. But in another sense, I was thankful for the opportunity of being able to spend a little time with the Lord and to have Him all to myself, as it were.

And that, really, is the point of writing this.

How often do we see a Catholic Church and yet not go and spend a moment or two with the Lord? It’s the perfect opportunity to pour out our hearts before Him, to tell Him all our needs and ask His mercy and grace. The Church isn’t only for Sundays and holy days of obligation. It is there – He is there – for us always. Always waiting in that little Tabernacle, hoping we will come visit Him.

Today, I was so happy that I did. And I will do so again.

And if there is such a little Church anywhere near you – go visit Him. He’s waiting there for you.

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