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I seem to have settled on a way to use the spiritual diary which is best suited to my needs.

As mentioned previously, I didn’t think the notes section would really be of much use to me; so instead, I’ve settled on keeping the ‘diary’ as a collection of my favourite prayers – the contents page is pictured here and gives an idea of what the book contains.

I’ve been using it the last few days as part of the diocesan novena in honour of Saint Joseph; after praying the prayers in the official book, I then add the Litany of Saint Joseph and the prayer entitled ‘To You, O Blessed Joseph’, both of which are in my book. 

Because of the way the book is put together, I can add or remove pages as necessary, or as I come across new ones I didn’t know previously. And because of it’s size, it’s transportable if I am going somewhere and plan to take it with me.

So far, this way of using the book is working well for me so I plan to continue with it.

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