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“How good to sing Psalms to our God; how pleasant to chant fitting praise.”
(Psalm 147:1)

My copy of the Abbey Psalms and Canticles arrived today from the United States.

A fairly small format book, it is very beautifully bound in hardcover, and thicker than I expected – due to the quality of the thick cream-coloured paper used.

I’ve only had a brief look at the contents, but I do like the new translation of the Psalms from what I have seen so far – I compared the texts of a few of my personal favourites to other translations, particularly the Grail translation, which is a long-time favourite of mine.

Holding the book and looking at it, I was struck by the thought that these are the very same Psalms which the Lord and His Mother prayed, and which we occasionally hear Him quoting in the Gospels. Now, two thousand years later, here I am – and reading those same Psalms that He was so familiar with.

The other day, someone asked what two books, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, readers would choose if they could never again read another book. My response was the Psalms and the Gospel of Saint John. This particular Gospel is so different to the other three, written from an enirely different perspective; and the Psalms are just so exquisitely beautiful, and adapted to every situation in life.

I look forward to becoming much more acquainted with this new translation.

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