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“Inasmuch as grace perfects nature, and glory perfects grace, it is certain that Our Lord is still, in Heaven, as much the Son of Mary as He was on earth; and that, consequently, He has preserved the most perfect obedience and submission of all children toward the best of mothers.. Her prayers and petitions are so powerful with God, that they always pass for commands with His Majesty, Who never resists the prayer of His dear Mother, because She is humble and conformed to His divine will.”

– St Louis Marie de Montfort
‘Treatise On The True Devotion To Mary’ n.27


At first reading, these words of Saint Louis might sound disconcerting – after all, how can it be that the Most High submits Himself to a mere creature, even if this particular Creature is the very perfection of humanity, “our tainted nature’s solitary boast” (William Wordsworth – ‘The Virgin’, 1822).

The simple answer is this – ‘because this is how God wills it to be’.

Saint Louis takes the time to make it clear he infers no lessening to the sublimity or transcendence or power of God in saying this; strictly speaking, God has no need of the Blessed Virgin nor of any other created being, for that matter – and no matter how exalted the singlar position of the Mother of God, She is still a creature before the Almighty and as such, infintely less than He. Our Catholic Faith tells us the same.

And yet – it was precisely through Mary that Jesus chose to come to us. He had no strict necessity to do so – it was His choice to do so. He could simply have appeared on earth as a man and then gone about His divine mission, but this was not what He chose. Rather, He very deliberately chose to come to us through the Blessed Virgin.

In creating the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Lord created an entirely immaculate Creature, one who would always remain pure and undefiled, neither by Original Sin nor by any actual sin, not even so much as a thought; the evil one had no common ground with her whatsoever. As the ProtoEvangelium reminds us in the Book of Genesis – “I will put enmity between thee and the Woman”. And it is for this reason that the Deceiver fears Her so very greatly – one day, She will be the instrument of his final destruction. He knows this perfectly well. And perhaps more than anything, he is humiliated at the very thought that he, once such a great Angel in Heaven, will be vanquished not only through a human creature, but one of such untouchable humility and obedience to the divine will, whereas he is characterised by his pride and rebellion.

We can only guess at what took place throughout the hidden thirty years of the life of the Lord upon the earth, before His public mission began. But what we can be certain of is that He was always perfectly obedient to His Mother – this is illustrated very clearly both in the finding of the boy Jesus in the Temple, and later at the moment of His first public miracle, at the Wedding in Cana. This miracle was performed at the very request of His Mother, even though it was not yet His time. And still He did as She asked. God made Man, submitting Himself perfectly to a human creature.

In Heaven now, it is the same Lord, the same God made Man, the same Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary. And the same perfect obedience with which He willingly submits to Her petitions.

But what is the point of writing all of this?

It is to tell you this; if you have any need, any prayer, any request, address it to the Mother of the Lord, certain that – assuming it is in conformity with the will of God – She will present it to the Lord as Her own petition and He will hear and answer Her prayer.

If you disbelieve these words – and many will, even those who profess to be Christian and Catholic – try it. Do what is suggested here – go to the Blessed Virgin and ask Her motherly assistance. She will not fail you.

Remember, Jesus is the same now in the glory of Heaven, as He was in nature upon the earth – that is, the Son of Mary; the Son of a Mother of whom He can refuse nothing.

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