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Such noise, such distraction throughout all the world! So many things which take up our time and our attention – and which, in the process, gradually whittle down the time we are able to make available for the Lord. And before we know it, all that precious time has been used up and nothing is left.

And yet, every one of us needs to make some time available for the Lord.

It is in these moments, most usually, that we are able to hear His gentle voice, if only we will listen for Him and then listen to Him.

After this, we need to do as the Blessed Virgin counsels us – “do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5).

What is important is for us to create an interior space – a sacred space – where we can listen to the whisperings of the Lord.

This may be a few minutes spent in Church in the presence of the Lord in the Tabernacle, or it may simply mean taking a few moments out of our normal routine; in those moments, we need to practice becoming still, quiet, and receptive. This is where we will hear the voice of the Lord, speaking gently within our hearts. Vocal prayer is good, but should be brief and simple – this is a moment for listening rather than speaking.

Our goal is to gradually cultivate our hearts, so that they become an enclosed garden, where the Lord is free to walk and to rest a while, remaining with us and conversing with us.

Our Blessed Lady is the best example here – She knew how to be still and quiet; Her words were always few, but crucial when She did speak. Her Immaculate Heart is the most perfect enclosed garden, reserved entirely and exclsuively for the Lord.

We cannot emulate this completely, perhaps, as the duties of our state in life may well get in the way. But we are able to look to Her example and to follow it as best we can, even if only briefly, just for a few minutes.

Once we begin to practice this, we may quickly find that these moments become the most precious of our day.


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