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Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Mother of the Lord, Your Divine Son promises us His own peace, which is beyond all human understanding. This true peace is His alone to give; more than simply the absence of war and discord, this peace is a radiating fire which begins in hearts and spreads out to families, nations, the Church and the entire world. This fire is the joy of life lived in the friendship and love of Your Son. It is the fire of peace which comes from the Sacred Heart of Your Son.

Queen of Heaven, look with pity upon this poor world, so torn by wars and by discord; see the coldness of hearts where peace does not reign, where Your Son finds no welcome; see the families where strife and disharmony rule; see the nations which have grown far from the love of the Lord and of neighbour; see this poor world, where peace is seemingly nothing more than a distant hope.

Refuge of Sinners, Your soul magnifies the Lord and rejoices in the goodness of God; in Your compassion, grant us the sure refuge of Your Immaculate Heart, where the joy and the peace of the Lord are present in their fullness. In that pure and sublime Heart, may we find succour, obtaining for us strength for the battle of life.

Queen of Peace, smile upon the Church, which hails You under this venerable title. Never forgetting Your poor children here on earth, You graciously descended to earth to assist us with the assurance of Your motherly presence and intercession. You have continually asked us to pray the Rosary for peace in the world, for that peace has been entrusted to You by the Lord. Hear our prayers now, as we call upon You and request Your powerful assistance; plead our cause before the throne of the Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


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