A Catholic Perspective

on Life and Faith


The creative pull is very strong and for many years, I have enjoyed making photographs.

Working with a succession of cameras – mainly Canon and Nikon DSLRs but also with several smaller cameras, including a Fuji 100FX – I like a broad range of subjects. Favourites amongst them are portraits and dereliction. It’s thrilling to find a new abandoned or derelict location and, in making a photograph of it, trying to capture something of it’s character and atmosphere. The same applies broadly to portraiture – trying to give a flavour of the essence of a person, captured in a single moment.

In terms of techniques, I very much enjoy long expsoure photography – capturing what appears to be a single moment, but which is in fact an image made over several minutes. And I enjoy monochrome work very much indeed; there is something timeless – and occasionally etheral – about black and white images.


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