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‘Our everyday acts, which are offered up in union with Mary, those acts which form the woof and warp of even the most humdrum existence – these can be made to surrender unspeakable spiritual worth for the salvation of souls and for the relief of the souls in Purgatory.”

– Fr Patrick Fannon, SMM, ‘The Message of Montfort’


One of the primary desires of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, expressed very clearly at Fatima, is that we unite ourselves to Her and then offer up all we can in reparation for sins – our prayers, good works, penances, and daily duty.

These last two words – daily duty – are the key to a path of sanctity.

It may be that we read the lives of the Saints and all the great things they achieved in their lives, often against seemingly insurmountable obstacles – and then fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to them and, as a result, doing very little to imitate the example they give us.

Thankfully, many of these same Saints remind us of an important truth – our path to sanctity lies in the life we are presently living, in the things we are presently doing, in the relationships we are presently a part of. It is in the humdrum of our every day life that we are given so many graces and numerous opportunities to advance along the way of holiness.

In other words, we do not necessarily need to be in a cloister or convent, or in a far off land, in order to seek God’s will for us. For the majority, the way of holiness is in the office, the school, the home, the kitchen – it is where we are right now. And in this present moment, the Lord gives us all we need.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a good example of this truth – She who was to become the Mother of God did not live in a palace but in a simple home; tradition tells us that She had very little of material worth, but what She did have, She used for the glory of God. She sanctified Her life by the grace of God in precisely the place where He had put Her – the home.

On First Saturdays such as today, the Five First Saturdays devotion reminds us of this – that we are called to sanctity wherever we may happen to be, using what is around us to do the will of God, giving all out of love for Him and for His Mother.

She, in turn, promises us Her maternal assistance and intercession.

And if we do all this well and to the best of our ability, with constancy and with perseverance, then what is at first a devotion on one single day each month, will gradually take root in our souls and become a part of who we are and a mark of that path of sanctity upon which we walk.

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