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“I desire that your heart be formed after the model of My merciful Heart. You must be completely imbued with My mercy.”

(Diary, para.167)

The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus really needs no explanation; all of us understand the imagery of a heart and all that this represents – love, service, giving, reciprocity.

For the Sacred Heart, His great desire is that we simply love Him, as He loves us. His complaint is that despite the endless extent of His love toward us, for the most part He receives nothing back except ingratitude. How does He love us? He loves us perfectly and without limit, giving Himself entirely, even unto death on the Cross. How do we love Him in return? By giving Him all that we are, without reserve or exception, and in the love and service of others. This is the reciprocity He desires from us.

In other words, we reflect that infinite Love which flows from His Heart, like sunlight glancing off a mirror, brightening and illuminating all that it falls upon. It can only do this if the mirror is properly polished and kept clean – and for this, we need to ask for His grace through the Sacraments, and then to apply an act of the will. And in this way, we model our own little hearts on His Sacred Heart. If we do so perfectly, then our hearts are no longer visible – only His.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the salvation of all who trust in Him, the hope of all who die in Him and the delight of all the saints. May that Sacred Heart be our refuge in this life, and our home forever in the next.



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