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I have written on many occasions previously about the prayer of the holy Rosary, looking at it from a number of different perspectives. It is the most exquisite of prayers, the one the Mother of God repeatedly asks us to pray.

Why does She do this?

The answer is very simple. Whilst the Rosary is a very simple prayer, suitable for both children and adults alike, it is also incredibly deep and profound. It is like a deep well of prayer, the depths of which we will never really reach – there is always somethine new to be found there.

In praying the Rosary, it is not just about us and what we bring to the prayer – more importantly, it is about the grace of God acting within us; that divine grace enlightens us and helps us to meditate deeply on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

This meditation is what really brings the Rosary to life. We meditate on the life, mission, Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus – and by doing so, we come to know Him better. We are not alone in our prayer – His own Mother helps us, obtaining this necessary divine grace for us, and none knows the Son as well as His own Mother.

The Rosary is a pathway; to achieve it’s benefits as fully as possible, we need to walk that path repeatedly, and this is why the Blessed Virgin asks us so very often to “pray the Rosary every day”. In doing so, our meditation becomes deeper and fuller, assisted by that divine grace. The Mysteries take root in our souls, as seeds do in fertile soil – they germinate there, producing beautiful flowers whose fragrance will never fade.

As this occurs, we may find that we become ‘lost’ in the Rosary in a sense – our recollection increases, our prayer deepens and it becomes more interior and more profound, such that we are thinking less about praying and simply praying. Saint Francis of Assisi used to say that when this happens, we ‘become’ prayer.

And in this sense, the Rosary begins by being vocal prayer, moves into meditative prayer and may lead us into contemplative prayer if the Lord wills it and grants us that grace.

The Saints throughout the centuries have greatly recommended the Rosary, because they have known that it is indeed a path to true sanctity when it’s Mysteries begin to take root within us; even the little children of Fatima, responding to the requests of the Mother of God, found the Rosary to be a path to holiness. You will be doing well to find a Saint who was not dedicated to this heavenly prayer.

All that said, the only thing that remains is that we take up our Rosary beads, and pray.

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