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I was interested to read earlier today that the Bishops Conference of Scotland plan to introduce a new Lectionary, having given the go-ahead for the planning of this to begin; the work is expected to take a few years. The new Lectionary will be based on the English Standard Version (Catholic Edition) of the Bible, whereas the present Lectionary is based on the Jerusalem Bible, published in 1966. The Bishops Conference said – 

“In reaching a decision for the Lectionary, the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland itself considered the values they would most expect a Lectionary to embody, for example, accuracy, dignity, facility of proclamation, and accessibility.”

The new Lectionary will also ensure equity across all the nations of the United Kingdom. A spokesperson for the National Liturgy Commission commented –

“Considerable progress has been made in biblical scholarship since the early 1960s when the Jerusalem Bible translation was produced. Re-publication of the Lectionary provides an opportunity to benefit from this new scholarship.”

Because of these changes, the Psalms used in the Liturgy of the Hours will also be updated, using a new translation called the Abbey Psalms. I haven’t yet seen these but I have managed to order a new hardbound book containg these Abbey Psalms, although I had to order it from abroad as it is not presently available in the United Kingdom. I was not able to find a copy of the ESV(CE) Bible but I’ll keep trying.

I will be interested to see the new Psalms, in particular, as I have grown used to the beauty and poetic resonance of the Grail Psalms, used in the current version of the Liturgy of the Hours, and which I must say I love very much.


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