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“Let nothing frighten or disconcert you. Remain deeply at peace. Everything is in My hands.“

(Diary, entry 219)

Merciful Lord, it is so easy to be frightened by the world and by events occurring in it; by the wickedness of the age, which is so evident all around us; by the sinfulness and human frailty of all mankind, so easy led astray by so many things; and by my constant seeking of myself rather than You, O Lord. Contemplating this, how fearful I become!

Dearest Lord, I need You to remind me not to be afraid – that nothing can happen which You do not permit; and whatever You do permit, has a value and a potential for good, enough though I may not see it clearly.

Remind me that all things are in Your hands, that all things pass except You alone.

Help me to be at peace, O Lord.



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