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“This is the time of Mercy!” – Pope Francis


As it is approaching the end of the year, I thought I would do something a little unusual and write (briefly) about this website itself – the reasons for it, how it came to be, and it’s intentions. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I will ultimately publish this post, however. But if you are reading it, then it seems that I did so.

‘Most Merciful Jesus’ and it’s associated Twitter account – @mercyjubilee – began life in response to the announcement by Pope Francis of the Jubilee of Mercy, which explains the Twitter name. The website name itself – Most Merciful Jesus – is taken from the first line of the prayers which make up the Novena of Mercy, preceding the great Feast of Mercy; you can find those prayers beginning with entry #1209 of the Diary of St Faustina – these prayers are very beautiful indeed.

The intention behind both the website itself and the social media account, was to try do a little something to spread the devotion to Jesus the Divine Mercy. I have benefitted deeply from this devotion and so I wanted to quietly work toward sharing the devotion with others by this means. ‘Quietly’ is the operative word here; the reading figures for the website are very low – some days in single figures, in fact. But that matters not a bit. It is here, and it is for the Lord; I only write – it is then up to the Lord to do something with it, as He chooses. I leave all of that to Him and I am perfectly happy with whatever He decides.

The main content of the website is found on the menu bar at the top – ‘Divine Mercy’, ‘The Popes And Mercy’, and so forth. This is where all the basic information about the devotion itself, and it’s place in the life of the Church, can be found – and I constantly hope this will prove to be a simple and useful resource to anyone who requires that information, whether read in full or in pieces.

The ‘blog’ part of the website is where I lay out the thoughts which occur to me and those things which have made an impression on me, or where I record events which have taken place, whether locally or further afield. An example of this is the Consecration of Scotland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, earlier this year; this was a huge event in the life of the Church in Scotland, and so there was a heavy focus on it here, as well as on similar events taking place elsewhere across the world. Similarly, the Jubilee of Mercy itself was documented at some length.

For other posts, I am really not at all sure where they came from; often, I sit at the desk intending to write one thing, only to read something very different on screen at the end. The same thing often happens on the Twitter account. There, I will often post a prayer and the intentions of these tend to remain with me all day and I ponder over them. The social media account deliberately focusses exclusively on the spiritual aspect of life; my hope is that it will always build up, that it will never tear down, and that it will do at least a little good somewhere, for someone.

I am deeply indebted to the Lord that I am able to do this, and I thank Him for it.

If you come to this website and gain anything from it then please, in your kindness, pray for me and ask the Lord to bless this virtual place, and all who visit here.

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