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“From all My Wounds, like from streams, mercy flows for souls, but the Wound in My Heart is the fountain of unfathomable mercy. From this fountain spring all graces for souls. The flames of compassion burn Me. I desire greatly to pour them out upon souls. Speak to the whole world about My mercy.”

(Diary, entry 1190)

Merciful Lord, when I look upon the Cross, I see the proof of Your love for us, the inestimable depth of Your infinite mercy.

From Your pierced Heart, streams of graces and mercy flow abundantly, as a torrent from it’s very source; and I know, Lord, that You are desperate for this mercy and grace to touch and transform us in every moment of our lives, and especially in that final moment.

Merciful Lord, let us place no obstacle in the way of Your divine mercy and grace – make our hearts humble and open to receiving Your grace and mercy.

Fill us to overflowing with this divine mercy that Your grace spills out of us, radiating like light, reaching out to other souls that they, too, may be touched and transformed by Your power and Your compassion. May we speak to the whole world about Your divine mercy – in our words, and by the example of our lives.



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