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“They saw the Child with Mary, His Mother. They prostrated themselves and did Him homage.”



Perhaps in a sense it was easier for the Wise Men – they were wise, after all. And they had the clear intention of activiely looking for the Christ Child. Because of this, they found Him. It cost them dearly, of course – they paid for their faith in time, in trouble, in distance and with the jealousy and wrath of King Herod overshadowing them. But still they found Him.

But what of us, living in the present day?

How do we find the same Christ Child? Where do we find Him? And – most crucially of all – are we even interested in looking for Him?

Speaking on the feast of the Epiphany in 2011, Pope Benedict gave us the clue – like the Wise Men, we, too, must allow ourselves to be guided; and the star that guides us is the Word of God, casting it’s heavenly illumination upon us in a way that nothing else can.

“Dear brothers and sisters, let us allow ourselves to be guided by the star that is the word of God, let us follow it in our lives, walking with the Church in which the Word has pitched his tent. Our road will always be illumined by a light that no other sign can give us. And we too shall become stars for others, a reflection of that light which Christ caused to shine upon us. Amen.

We will find the living Word in the Church, for this is the will of the Lord and the Church is His Mystical Body, speaking with the fullness of His voice and His authority.

Today, there are so many distractions and illusions, each one trying to attract our attention and in doing so, diverting us away from what really matters – finding the Christ Child. This Child whispers quietly in the stillness and silence of our hearts and to hear His voice, we need to listen – particularly in the midst of a world filled with such noise.

In the Church, we will find the necessary silence and interior peace to enable us to listen to the voice of the Divine Infant. We will find Christ in the Word that is proclaimed; in the Sacramants that are the divinely instituted conduits of grace and mercy; in the people who make up that Church, each one a temply of the Holy Spirit.

And we will find the Christ Child in the Tabernacle before us – for this is the same Lord today, under the appearace of Bread and Wine, Who was born in Bethlehem all those centuries ago, and for whom the Wise Men searched.

Let us, too, search for the Christ Child and, with the grace of God, may we find Him.

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