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I read an article this morning which included this line – To be Catholic is to have received a great gift“.

It fitted with something I have been ruminating on for a while now – the thought that in the course of my life, a great number of different people have been responsible for handing this gift of Faith on to me.  I did not simply arrive at today with my Faith fully formed – throughout all these years, many others have shaped and influenced it, each in their own way.

Some have deliberately taught me the Faith – it’s doctrines and it’s practice, it’s devotions and the meaning behind all of these.

Others have been shining examples of that Faith, quietly living it out in the sunshine of the day as well as in the darkness of the night.

Thinking back over all of these good people, I see that each one offered something slightly different – essentially the same broad message, but a differing aspect of it, or a different nuance to it, dependent upon the various natures and personalities of those individual people.

And as all of this came together, my understanding of the Faith developed and grew and strengthened, and it became more rounded.

I am in no doubt whatsoever as to the ‘gift’ nature of my Faith; from God, it passed through the hands of the Blessed Virgin, and She disposed of it through all these people whose memory is with me now.

Now, if all these people used their talents and their personalities to transmit to others – including me – this gift of Faith which they themselves lived out, then that leaves a question – what must I do to pass on that same Faith to others around me?


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