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They say that ‘not all superheroes wear cloaks’ – and that couldn’t be more true.

The ‘everyday superheroes’ are all around us – every single one of us knows them; it’s just that they don’t stand out unless we go looking for them. For everyday superheroes, it isn’t about being seen – it’s about being useful and doing some good.

The funny thing about these everyday superheroes is that they don’t usually know this is what they are – and they would certainly never describe themselves in this way. Regardless of that – this is what they most certainly are.

Many people around them will recognise them as such – they are the people we know and see and work with who just get on with it, who quietly and consistently try to do good for others, never looking for or expecting thanks or praise, doing it simply because it needs to be done and they are able to do it.

These people are like lights that shine in the darkness – and in darkness is often where you will find them.

When situations seem bleak and desolate, where hope seems gone, where others know not what to do – that is when these luminaries will really shine. And when they shine, their light goes out across the entire world, millions of little lights sparkling amidst the gloom, lighting the way for all the rest of us and reminding us that good people, ordinary people, can often become extraordinary.

It just takes decisiveness and the will to do it.

If you doubt anything of what you have just read, think about any tragedy of recent times, whatever it might be. And consider this  – after that tragedy, did names begin to emerge of ordinary people who did something extraordinary? People who gave of themselves, often at great cost? People who used a personal loss to give someting back or do good in some way? People who shunned the attention that followed? People who – by means of what they did – changed things?

There. You have found them. These are the everyday heroes.

And these everyday heroes teach all of us a crucial lesson, one we sometimes forget, and it is this – every single one of us has within ourselves the capacity to become such an everyday hero.

We, too, can do it. We just need to want to.

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