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Yesterday, I read a comment on Twitter from an online friend who I consider to be good and holy, and who I know to be deeply devoted to prayer – in fact, she prays the Rosary every single day for a variety of intentions and is always open to the prayer requests posted online by others. She acknowledged that her prayer life is strong but added that she felt she needed to work a little more at evangelisation.

Now, I am in no position to judge anyone’s spiritual life (and nor would I wish to do so) and I can see things only at face value, as is the case for all of us. And so for this reason, I defer to her judgement as she knows her soul and what takes place within her.

However, something struck me forcibly as I read her words.

Prayer and evangelisation are deeply connected – each is a particular form of the other; prayer is a form of evangelisation, and evangelisation is a form of prayer.

But there is another aspect to prayer in the context of evangelisation; by praying, we acknowledge that we do not have everything that is necesary for this work, and that we need always to turn to the Lord. In prayer, we make our requests to Him for what we need, with the simple expectation of children that He is both hearing and answering our prayer. Through our prayer, we are leaving everything in His hands. This is especially important in evangelisation, which can only be truly effective through the grace of God, for it is His work, not ours. We are simply the instrument, and nothing more. Our prayers reflects this.

What I really wanted to say to my online friend is that I hope she can see just how effective her prayerfulness is –  it draws souls and in doing so, they become ever more receptive to the Lord and His grace; and in this way, she is evangelising quietly but very powerfully indeed. Someone else replied with a comment not so different to this and I smiled as I nodded my head while reading it.

Caroline, if you read these words, know this – you are working powerfully by means of your constancy in prayer; the grace of God is alive and active in you and like a light shining in the darkness, you are leading souls to Him.

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