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In this holy year dedicated to Saint Joseph, the Marriage and Family Life Office of the Diocese of Motherwell has produced a wonderful and very beautiful little book dedicated to the Saint.

The intention of the book is specifically for the praying of a novena in honour of Saint Joseph, with daily novena prayers written by Fr Michael Kane of Saint Augustine’s Parish in Coatbridge. The book also contains an Introduction written by our Bishop, Joseph Toal, who notes –

“As the Holy Father opens the door to this special year of grace, he invites us to move closer to Saint Joseph and to seek to mirror his life of faithful service to God and to his family. I offer this simple prayer book so that you may seek his fatherly intercession. We present to his care all of the intentions that we carry, especially our domestic families and our spiritual family which is the Church.. May this small prayer book enrich our devotion to the man who was chosen by God to hold the Infant Jesus with the tender love of a father. May our esteem for Joseph deepen our love for Jesus and Mary. I commend to you this prayer book and novena as an aid to your spiritual life.”

After the lovely introduction by Bishop Toal, the book gives some notes on the life of St Joseph, followed by the prayer for the Year of St Joseph. Then comes the novena itself, with different prayers for each of the nine days. The Litany of St Joseph is included after this, followed by various short prayers asking the intercession of this greatest of the Saints in Heaven. Writing on Twitter, Fr Kane notes that the diocesan novena in honour of St Joseph begins this coming Thursday, 22nd April.

As with the wonderful book produced by St Augustine’s Parish at the start of Lent, it is a wonderful thing for a parish and a Diocese to actively work toward the spiritual good and development of the people, even to the extent of producing excellent books such as ‘Saint Joseph Prayer Book’ – and to make these available free of charge. Speaking personally, I am deeply grateful for this – particularly in this time when it is possible to feel disconnnected from the communal practice of the Faith.

Information on how to obtain copies of the Saint Joseph Prayer Book is available on the St.Augustine’s Parish website.

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