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“He said to him, ‘Follow Me’. And he got up and followed Him.” (Mark 2:14)


There is something very charismatic about the Jesus of the Gospels; He needs only to say ‘follow Me’ and the Apostles immediately leave all behind and follow Him. For each Apostle, the Lord had a specific task in mind, a particular duty that was for each of them alone. Peter’s task was not John’s, nor was John’s task Andrew’s.

Although in this age we do not have the Lord walking physically amongst us, still He calls to us and invites us – like those early Apostles – to come, follow Him. He speaks to us through the voice of the Church, His mystical body; and through the Scriptures, where He reveals Himself to us; and in the stillness of our hearts. It is the same call now as it was then – ‘come, follow Me’.

We may not have the great responsibilities and monumental tasks of the Apostles, but all of us are part of the divine plan and are called to respond to the particular plan which the Lord has for each and every one of us.

The Saints realised this – and became Saints precisely because of the way in which they responded to the Lord. And like the Apostles, each of the Saints had a different mission, and a particular charism with which to fulfil it. So it is with all of us.

It may be that, like Thérèse of Lisieux, we are called to do little things every day with great love; or, like, Lucia of Fatima, we may have a specific and definite plan to fulfil. Our mission may place us in the view of the world at large, like the great John Paul, or it may keep us hidden and unknown – like so very many saints alive in the world at this very moment. It may consist of little or great acts; it may call for martyrdom; it may demand persistence of service to those around us or further afield.

But regardless of the nature of the task the Lord places before us, we are called to respond as fully and as perfectly as possible, so that one day, the Lord may say to us – “Well done, My good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23). And if we fail to respond, we will be called to account for that failure.

May all of us seek to find the Lord’s plan for us and, relying on His divine grace to support us, respond to His call to ‘come, follow Me’.

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