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Image: ‘The Adoration of the Magi’ – Edward Burne-Jones, 1904

For many, this year has been characterised more than anything by isolation, loneliness, separation and anxiety. Even this Christmas Day will be celebrated in a way that we are not used to doing, so that ‘celebration’ almost seems to be the wrong word to use.

And yet we do celebrate – we are celebrating; Christmas has not been cancelled because it cannot be cancelled.

Christmas is something which lives deep within us, because of something which happened 2000 years ago, when the Christ Child was born among us. This single event changed everyting forever – even this particular Christmas Day, all these centuries later.

Christmas is about peace and joy and thankfulness, even when these may not be the emotions we are feeling.

Christmas extends far beyond this moment and every moment – but it touches and transforms every single one of those many moments. When life is dark, Christmas offers divine light; when all seems lost, Christmas offers a glimmer of hope; when hearts are troubled, Christmas brings peace.

No matter what this year has been to you, but especially if it has been touched by loss in any form, my prayer is that the peace and the joy of the Christ Child will touch you deeply, if imperceptibly, this Christmas Day.

All who read this are in my prayers today; may the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, bring to you Her Divine Son, who is that Child.

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