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Awake very early this morning, I looked out of the window and saw a fox in the front garden, scavenging for food. I was struck at how thin the poor creature was – so much so that later tonight, I will put out some food so it gets a little treat tomorrow.

Later in the day, I was looking at the slate bed in the back garden, where the maple trees are growing. There, among the deep hues of the slate were one or two little bright green specks of tiny plants which – against all the odds – were tenaciously growing and sprouting up, finding a way for their soft and gentle fronds to successfuly reach up through cold, hard stone.

Both stories are examples of tenacity – the refusal to give up, no matter what. 

In the Catholic world, we call tenacity ‘perseverance’ – but the meaning is the same.

Most days do not require much in the way of perseverance – we tend to go through such days without too much trouble, sticking to the tried and tested paths we are generally accustomed to walk. Other days, however, are quite different – and on these days, we can come to rely very heavily on our spirit of tenacity, on our ability to persevere, to keep going.

Some days, the only thing we can do is to remind ourselves that on the way to Calvary, the Lord fell three times. And three times, He got back up and kept going.

May He who fell and rose again grant us that when we experience those days which are harder, we rely solely on His grace – knowing that it alone can keep us going.

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