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Father Lasance tells us that –

“on the third day after Our Lady’s death, when the Apostles gathered around Her tomb under the olive trees of Gethsemani, they found it empty. The soul of the Holy Virgin, the moment it left Her body, passed into the presence of God, and three days later Her body was united with it once more and was taken up into Heaven.”

He goes on to offer this little prayer –

“My salvation is not yet secure; but if ever I join that blessed throng in the heavenly Jerusalem, I shall owe my happiness to Mary; therefore, I will praise Her with heart and voice.”

It is impossible to think of this great grace of the Assumption, Body and Soul, granted to the Blessed Virgin, and not to see the inifinite love which God has for Her. It is the culmination of the grace granted to Her in Her Immaculate Conception, that She might be worthy to bear in Her womb the Son of God. Now, this spotless Bride of the Most High is taken up, body and soul into His presence, there to reign as Queen of Heaven for all eternity. How God loves Her! And if this is so, then how we should love Her also.

She is our Mother, given that role by Her Son as She stood at the foot of the Cross. And She is our Queen, crowned in Heaven by Her Divine Son. Now, a Queen has responsibilities toward Her subjects – and Her subjects have responsibilities toward their Queen, too. Our task in this life is to go to Her in everything, in every need and necessity, confident of Her maternal assistance in bringing us ever closer to Her Son; and to encourage others to do the same, that they, too, might come to know and to love this august Sovereign as we do. And all of this, in the hope that one day, by the mercy and grace of the Lord, we might share in that never-ending life of beatitude which today’s feast calls to our minds.

If we do all of this, humbly and perseveringly, then we can be assured that at our last moments, She will come to our aid and obtain for us every grace necessary to die a good and holy death, and to share forever in the joy of the Saints in Heaven.

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