In Writing

For a while now, I've been considering starting a spiritual journal or diary of some sort. The thing is, I'm not really very clear what the precise purpose of this endeavour would actually be. I'm...

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A Conference on Mary

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of taking part in an online Marian conference organised by the Legion of Mary in Dublin, Ireland. The theme was 'Hail, Holy Queen' and it looked specifically...

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Before The Lord

I read some reports earlier today that the Holy Father had been contacted by a Catholic group in Argentina, who had found a record of his participation as a 'Eucharistic adorer' in the Basilica...

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A Daily Joy

For a very long time now, I have had a desire which has gathered strength in my heart and which - finally - is coming to fruition; I have long wanted to be able to become a daily communicant....

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Day Of The Mother

“Today it will do us good to stop a little and think about the pain and sorrows of Our Lady. She is our Mother.” - Pope Francis   Italians are in the habit of referring to the time after the...

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Into The Valley

It is the strangest of weeks. A week like no other in the liturgical year. It begins on such a high with the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem, annointed with nard by Mary of Bethany to...

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The Church and the Judge

It is a very great blessing that here in Scotland, the Churches have now re-opened, even if it is still with much reduced numbers. Although the re-opening was already planned for 26th March, a...

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Little Graces

Divine grace is like the air we breathe - it is all around us even though we cannot see it; and we certainly cannot do without it. But what, exactly, is divine grace? The Catechism tells us that...

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Generosity of Heart

"Holy Mother of God, intercede for us."- Intercessions, Morning Prayer for the feast of the Annunciation of the LordIt is easy to read the Gospel account of the Annunciation and not really stop to...

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