Gayle and the Rosary

Earlier this morning, I found myself reading a couple of posts on social media about "the story behind your Rosary" and the memories particular sets of beads may hold for the owner. There were also...

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Never Forsake You

Speaking at the weekly General Audience in Saint Peter's Square in Rome this morning, our Holy Father Pope Francis had this to say - "Tomorrow we remember, with great veneration, Our Lady of...

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A Rosary of Sorrows

Yesterday was the First Friday of the month, traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; because of this, I was praying the Litany of the Sacred Heart during my evening prayers. Some of...

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Remembering Nevers

The statue of 'Notre Dame des Eaux' in the convent garden.Bernadette said of it - "She has something of the beauty that I saw". I had written earlier about my favourite Saints and noting that at the...

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Our Friends The Saints

I have noticed that when I write, I often make reference to 'the Saints' - whether generally, or with specific reference to a particular person. It is probable that most Catholics have at least one...

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Newman On Prayer

I am presently reading some of the writings of Saint John Henry Newman, our most recent British Saint. He writes on various subjects and the book I am reading just now is his work ‘Meditations And...

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The Month of Our Lady

"During the month of May, let us lift our eyes toward the Mother of God, our consolation and sure hope, and let us pray together the Rosary to face the trials of this moment together and to be ever...

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The Queen’s Knight

All those who seek to be truly devoted to the Mother of God should begin with the writings Saint Louis de Montfort, who even now, has a great deal to offer in the realm of authentic and Marian devotion.

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On Pilgrim Ways

Quite often, in my experience (and, I've no doubt, in the experience of a great many others), something in the reading of Scripture jumps out, grabs you forcefully and remains with you. Yesterday...

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A Pattern of Challenge

"The practice of faith within the community of the Catholic Church may not be among those priorities"- Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales A few days ago, the Catholic Bishops...

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The Final Diary

I seem to have settled on a way to use the spiritual diary which is best suited to my needs. As mentioned previously, I didn't think the notes section would really be of much use to me; so instead,...

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