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“And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in Her Heart”

Luke  2:19

After nine long and wondrous months, finally the Child has been born and His Mother lays Him in the manger, in a borrowed stable in Bethlehem. So much has happened these past few months, so many incredible things – the visit of the Angel and his astonishing words of what was to be; the visit to Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, who seemed to recognise the hand of God at work; the fears of Joseph in the beginning – calmed later by his dream of the Angel; and the visit of the Wise Men, bringing precious gifts – each seeming to have a particular and mysterious meaning.

And yet none of this compares to what is happening now – the Virgin has delivered a Son and now, for the very first time, She is kneeling there beside Him. and gazing upon this divine Face, which She has so longed to see!

What thoughts, O Mary, filled Your Heart as You knelt there beside Him? What words fell from Your lips as You told Him how much You love Him? As He lay there gazing back at You, what immeasurable joy filled Your Heart?

So little is spoken about this in the Gospels – and perhaps this is as it should be, for who could capture in words the miracle of that first moment when Your pure face was first illuminated by His divine countenance?

All that we know is that You ‘kept all these things, reflecting on them’. And yet that sentence lies unfinished; it should conclude with these words – ‘for the rest of Her life on earth, and now for all eternity in Heaven’.

Dear Mother, teach me in Your school that I, too, might keep all these things and reflect on them in my own little heart. In doing so, may I follow Your own example and look always twards You, that I might see Him Whose light You reflect so perfectly.



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