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One little candle can express a great deal. It can contain the hopes, fears, joys, sorrows and aspirations of the human heart.

It is almost impossible to enter a Catholic Church and not find little candles flickering gently in the gloom. I look at these and I wonder who has lit them, what intentions they signify, what hopes they express.

Yesterday was the feast of Saint Martha. I remember in years past, my mother lit such a candle every single Tuesday, because she prayed a perpetual novea to this lovely Saint. Just a little prayer card containing an image of the Saint, and the little tealight candle beside it. It was so simple and yet it said so very much, and I have never forogtten it.

Lighting a candle – such a simple act, and yet it expresses so very much.

Sometimes, it can be very hard – if not impossible – to put into words what it is that is within our heart, what lifts us up or weighs us down; at those times, we can simply ‘be’ and ‘experience’ and wait.

But also in those moments, one little candle can express what words never can.

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