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A quick walk into Glasgow city centre yesterday was depressing. Crossing the bridge over the River Clyde from Carlton Place onto Clyde Street offered a lovely view of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral glistening like gold in the afternoon sunshine, but this was really the only image I actually liked and which had any warmth to it.

In the city centre itself, the place was surprisingly busy depsite the present Tier 4 restrictions, so that I had no real sense of why anyone was there; perhaps, like me, they simply needed to get out for a little while.

One thing that seemed very evident was the high number of people who appeared to be living in the terible shadow of some form of substance abuse. My heart got lower by the minute watching this all around.

An ironic moment took place on the walk from Buchanan Street to Royal Exchange Square. A man was repainting the façade of Rogano Oyster Bar. Somehow, the bright yellow of the sun rays seemed to be at odds with everything else in the city.

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