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“This Image.. is to be a reminder of the demands of My mercy” 

(Diary, para.742)


One of the great things about the Image of Mercy is that it is a very visual reminder of the meaning of mercy – and also of the requirements it places upon us. This meaning is the same regardless of whether we are looking at a life-size Image or a small prayer card.

Most people have a strong sense of the visual – look around your own home and see how many photographs you have of loved ones, for example. Each one is a reminder of that person, of our relationship to them and of our love for them. So it is with the Image of Mercy.

This painting of Jesus as Divine Mercy reminds us of the great love He has for every one of us; it reminds us that as sinners, we are desperately in need of His mercy, and that this mercy is freely available to us if only we will ask for it. But it reminds us, too, of the demands of the Merciful Jesus – as much as we receive mercy, so must we give it. We find this very same message in the Gospel – ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy’ (Mt.5:7). In other words, giving and receiving mercy go hand in hand.

When next we look upon the Image of the Merciful Jesus, let us remember not only that we have been given great mercy by Him, but also that He desires that we, too, show mercy to others.

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