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I cannot recommend highly enough how important it is to have a quiet little corner somewhere that is our personal place to pray.

This is my own little corner of the house where I go every day and lay everything before the Blessed Virgin, asking Her intercession and assistance for no end of needs and intentions. Although I say ‘every day’ it’s actually ‘every night’ – late at night is my favourite time to pray, if I have a choice in the matter. By then, everything is beginning to become still and quiet, and I can just be there with Her in my prayers. This is by far my favourite moment of the day, every day.

When I pray Her Rosary, I feel transported often – that prayer is so sublime and it is like a deep well of the purest water, which constantly gives up little treasures, day after day. She is very kind with me in this particular prayer and the Mysteries are never dull or boring – rather, there are constantly new little glimmers of light which She obtains for me in Her kindness. I wish every soul would come close to this most beautiful of mothers and let Her do the same for them, and yet it seems so many reject Her.

Not every occasion is like that; sometimes, it is all I can do not to fall over as sleep tries to grab me. Sometimes, I find it very hard to pray in a way that I would consider ‘good’ – my mind can wander terribly, or I look back and think my meditations on a particular occasion have been very far below standard, and I ask Her forgiveness for that. Other times, there may be something on my mind which, despite my best intentions, I cannot shift when it comes time to pray. So I just place it all before Her. So long as She sees the effort, even if the execution is poor.

If you do not presently have such a little corner of the house, please consider setting one up – as simple as possible is best, even if there is only a Crucifix and a Bible. And then use that quiet little place. Make it your ‘go to’ place, for every need and intention that arises.

Allow Her to take up residence there as your Mother and Queen, meet Her there in prayer, and deepen your relationship with Her. You will never regret it.

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