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The point of Lent is to come to know and serve the Lord better. To do this, we must become ever more forgetful of self, seeking Him rather than ourselves in all things.

The Mother of the Lord is the perfect example of doing this – She is the quiet Woman of the Gospels, who says little, offers everything, and constantly points toward Her Son – ‘Do whatever He tells you’ (Jn.2:5).

She has constantly told us of Her love for the Rosary, asking us over and over to pray this beautiful prayer every day – the Saints of the Church have said the same, and that message has been echoed by all the Popes. Saint John Paul II reminded us very clearly that the Rosary is both profound and yet simple, well within the reach of all – we do not need knowledge, a deep theology, great intelligence, just simple faith, love in our hearts and the will to pray.

Lent is the perfect time to begin praying a daily Rosary, if we do not already do so.

The obvious Mysteries to pray in Lent are the Sorrowful ones, but knowing the Lord means knowing His entire life, and so all four sets of Mysteries are very well-suited to the Lenten season.

Begin the Rosary by asking the Blessed Virgin to help you to come to know Her Son better; ask Her to pray with you and for you, and to obtain for you whatever graces the Lord has prepared for you, and to lead you to Him. Ask Her to help you with a particular need or situation, and be confident that She will both hear and answer your prayer. She will do so, for She is very kind and She desires now what She desired of the servants at Cana all those years ago – that we all respond to Her Son’s commands and submit ourselves to His holy will.

The Blessed Virgin is the spotless mirror reflecting the light and the love of God. She is the channel of every heavenly grace. And She is the most easy and the most sure way of reaching the Lord, Her Son. Through Her, He came to us; and through Her, we come to Him.


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