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“We must always have this ‘holy restlessness’ in our hearts, in the search for the true good who is God. Let us help others feel the thirst for God. He gives peace and happiness to our hearts.”

– Pope Francis

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has a habit of hitting the spiritual nail squarely on the head. I have a sense that for him personally, this ‘holy restlessness’ is ever present and drives him forward constantly; I also have the sense that he responds to that driving force with everything he is and everything he has.

This is a great lesson for all of us who call ourselves Catholic. We learn from the Popes not only by what they say in their teachings, but also – and perhaps just as eloquently – in the way they live their own lives.

It is quite something to see the spirituality of a Pope. I think we all saw it in the person of the late Pope John Paul II, and learned more of it’s depth after his death, when those closest to him revealed more about the spiritual life of this extraordinary man, a man of deep prayer. Similarly, the words of Pope Benedict revealed something of his spirituality – always offered in a way that was succinct and beautiful. Perhaps the future will reveal more about his own personal spirituality. As for Pope Francis, he is a great teacher by what he does and how he does it. He has taught me a lot about having a sense of personal conviction (his ‘holy restlessness’) and also about the power of silence.

For all of us, that sense of a ‘holy restlessness’ should be ever present – it’s absence indicates that we have ground to a halt and stopped moving forward toward the Lord, Who is the irresistible force Who draws us toward Himself.

And when this ‘holy restlessness’ is present within us, when we are truly living it out, it also proves irresistible to others around us, who perceive, somewhere deep within the heart, that we are in possession of a great treasure, that pearl without price of which the Lord speaks.

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