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For a very long time now, I have had a desire which has gathered strength in my heart and which – finally – is coming to fruition; I have long wanted to be able to become a daily communicant. Although I would go to weekday Masses whenever I could, these were few – and usually reserved to a very early morning Lenten Mass in a neighbouring parish which I was able to attend before going on to work.

Until now daily Mass has simply not been possible because I was working full time. But with my recent retirement, it is indeed a possibility – notwithstanding the restrictions placed upon us at the present time by the pandemic. This desire actually played a part in my deciding to retire when I did, as it had become irresistible in a very real way.

Today, at very long last, this desire became a reality.

I attended Mass early this morning in my parish – hopefully the first of many to come. And it was especially beautiful for two additional reasons – firstly, because it is Easter Week (because of which, the Church looked stunning, with flowers everywhere); and secondly, because it was filled to current capacity levels – that is, fifty people. Which, for a weekday morning Mass in a quiet little parish, is not at all bad.

It also made up for the Easter Vigil – although I had a place reserved to attend on Saturday night, I was ill that day and so I had no option but to watch the Mass online from bed. Lovely though that was, I had waited two full years for this particular Mass and so I was desperately upset that I could not be there. The image at the top of the page is a screen-grab from the streaming of the Vigil Mass.

I feel very blessed today, and very grateful.

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